Turkish consulate secretary caught engaging in espionage acts against Greek military denies everything

Sebahattin Bayram. Turkish consulatr worker

In the Rhodes spy thriller, the authorities arrested the 35-year-old secretary of the Turkish consulate on charges of espionage, as well as a 52-year-old cook - both from Thrace in northern Greece.

The two Greek Muslims have been prosecuted for three crimes.

The secretary of  the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes, Sebahattin Bayram, is in custody and has a deadline of December 21 to make an apology.

At the same time, the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the arrest of the 35-year-old secretary, falsely claiming that Greece had violated conventions and international law, as previously reported by Greek City Times.

Turkish Consulate in Rhodes.
Turkish Consulate in Rhodes.

Giving his explanations in writing on Friday, the 35-year-old, according to Rodiaki,  admits that he knows his 52-year-old co-accused, however, he categorically denies that they received photos, information and recorded conversations from the cook.

According to Rodiaki, it is expected that the secretary will apologize but still deny that he received photos and other sensitive information from the cook.

It is recalled that the 52-year-old already testified and confessed to photographing and gathering information regarding Greek warships and submarines, soldier movements, and military and official visits to Kastellorizo.

He then gave over 2,500 photographs and information to Bayram.

Meanwhile, although the case file has been transferred to the Rhodes Courthouse, its investigation is in full swing, and not only by the police, but also the Greek military and intelligence.

From the raid that took place against the spies, eight computers, six USBs and four mobile phones were confiscated.

All the above items are already in the Directorate of Criminological Investigations to retrieve their data.

Investigations are also being carried out in other Dodecanese islands, such as Kos and Nisyros, where the ship on which the 52-year-old cook worked was sailing, or even whether it was a wider network of spies and recruits.

52-year-old arrested cook.

Auxiliary investigations into the activities of the two spies are also being conducted by military circles.

This is an additional effort to record not only the size of the information transferred to the Turkish secret services (MIT), but also the extent of areas and locations where the two spies focused their activities.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has issued a statement condemning the arrest of the 35-year-old secretary of the Turkish Consulate General in Rhodes in connection with the espionage case.

Sebahattin Bayram.
Secretary of the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes, Sebahattin Bayram.

The Turkish government accused Greece of violating the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

However, as per usual, Turkey disingenuously omits that only diplomatic staff enjoy immunity, not secretaries and translators, in which the 35-year-old is.

It is recalled that in the possession of the two men were more than 2,500 photos of Greek targets, names and numbers of ships, as well as snapshots of submarines during their mooring in Rhodes port.

It has also been revealed that the secretary for the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes maintained a Facebook profile that promoted “independent Western Thrace”, posted Far Right Turkish symbols, and continuously stated his anti-Greek views.