Watch the Greeks of Constantinople sing Christmas carols


A video of the small Greek community of Constantinople (Κωνσταντινούπολη, Turkish: İstanbul) singing Christmas carols has emerged.

The Greeks of Constantinople number only 1,800 individuals according to Nikos Vassiliadis of the Apogevmatini newspaper.

On September 6, 1955, the Turks conducted a pogrom against the Greek community.

30 people were killed, women were raped.

In addition, 4,340 shops, 2,000 houses, 110 restaurants, 27 pharmacies, 12 hotels, 11 clinics, 5 sports clubs and two cemeteries were destroyed by Turkish mobs.

According to Professor Macar, the Constantinople pogrom was organized by the Turkish state but is not openly admitted.

After his investigations, he concluded that the Turkish government wanted to do something, but lost control of the masses.

The survivors of the Constantinople pogrom are now trying to preserve what is left.

Mr. Stavros, 70, oversees the cemetery in Şişli where his parents rest.

According to Michalis Vassiliadis, for 15 years now there has not been a year when births have exceeded deaths.