Archbishop Ieronymos clarifies his controversial statement about Islam

Archbishop Ieronymos I.

Responding to criticism due to his comments about Islam, Archbishop Ieronymos I clarified his statement through a spokesperson.

"The Archbishop and our Church respect in practice all the known religions," said the press office of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens.

"With everything that the Blessed Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Mr. Ieronymos, said about Islam, in the context of his recent television interview about the contribution of our Church to the Revolution of 1821, he meant nothing more than the perversion of the Muslim religion itself by extreme fundamentalists, who sow terror and death throughout the Universe," the statement said.

head of the Orthodox Church of Greece, Archbishop Ieronymos
Head of the Orthodox Church of Greece, Archbishop Ieronymos II.

The announcement continues: "These are exactly the people the Archbishop was referring to, people who are instrumentalising Islam and turning it into a deadly weapon against all those who have a different opinion from them."

Finally, as it is emphasized: "both the Archbishop himself and all the metropolitans of the Church of Greece, respect in practice all the known religions and treat all their faithful with Christian love and solidarity, which knows no discrimination, through all their actions and initiatives, especially in the social and charitable fields."

Archbishop Ieronymos
Archbishop Ieronymos II.

Furthermore, the example of the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of Christians and Muslims in Thrace confirms the truth in the clearest way," the statement added.

It is recalled that the said Islam is not a religion, but a political party with political pursuit and its people are people of war, as reported by Greek City Times.

According to the prelate of the Greek Church, "they are the people of the spread, this is a characteristic of Islam."