Pakistani arrested for raping 17-year-old in Athens


A 29-year-old Pakistani man, who in recent months was sexually abusing a 17-year-old girl in Athens, was handcuffed by police from the Juvenile Protection Sub-Directorate of Attica Security.

The Pakistani rapist, according to the complaint made by the minor, chased the girl, stabbed her in the neck, and forced her to have sex with him on August 23 last year near Attiki Square.

4 17As the girl told the police, the foreigner raped her again in September 2019.

He also pressured her with threats not to speak to the police and to give in to his sick wishes.

Officers of the Juvenile Protection Sub-Directorate managed to locate and arrest the criminal and take him to the Prosecutor.

From there he was taken to the 13th Regular Investigator.

After his testimony, the 29-year-old rapist was remanded in custody.

This is the latest incident involving Pakistani men raping or attempting to rape women in Greece, including:

These are just some of the many cases involving Pakistanis in Greece.

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  1. IF this is how Pakistani’s, the close allies of Turkey, behave then deport each and every one.

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