Dream home lists for $3.9M on Patmos, the Holy Island of Revelation


Currently operating as a boutique hotel on the Greek island of Patmos, a Mediterranean mansion with views of the Aegean sea and a rooftop pool has been listed for sale.

PatmosGrika, Leto Patmos, Southern Aegean 85500 Greece, is currently listed for $3,895, 313 (3,200,000 €EUR) by Sotheby’s International Realty.

Listing details

Bedrooms: 12

Full Baths: 13

Style: Traditional

Square Footage 6,458

With over 12 bedrooms and 13 full bathrooms, the impressive 6,400 square feet dream home is set over three levels, all of which offer panoramic seaside views.

The rooftop pool is surrounded with decking that allows for recreational space, ideal for yoga, relaxing and viewing the spectacular bay.



A luxurious addition to this property is the massage room with additional shower.

Ornate, stone walls surround the property giving privacy and security with well tendered gardens providing colour and scent.

Designed with bespoke fittings and furnishings throughout, the sprawling property is typical of the Patmos style of architecture from vintage effect, painted walls to the use of wood and stone.




A leisurely three minute walk takes you down to Grikos beach with family run tavernas and a well-organised marina, which attracts yacht owners and cruise ships to the island.

Ferryboats link Patmos to the port of Piraeus (approximately 8 hours travel) as well as to other islands of the Aegean Sea.

Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site, The Chora village with the Monastery of Saint-John the Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse on the Island of Pátmos is just five minutes by car with some of the most breathtaking views on this very special island.

Island of Patmos

Rich with historical, cultural and religious significance, the small island Patmos is one of the 12 main islands of the Dodecanese archipelago in eastern Greece.

With a population of 3,000 people, the island is south of the larger island of Samos and west of Leipsoi.

An unspoilt haven, far from the bustle of modern life, the island of Patmos has been inhabited since 3,000 BC and its picture-postcard villages, pastoral landscape, and pristine beaches have remained largely untouched over the centuries.

Archaeological finds include various buildings, cemeteries, fortresses, and evidence of an ancient acropolis, testifying the existence of a densely populated area in the past.

Patmos, the Holy Island of Revelation

One of the most peaceful and majestic destinations in Greece, Patmos is known as the Aegean Sea's "holy island of Revelation" and is famous all over the world as a religious destination.

Patmos is where Saint John the Theologian (John of Patmos) wrote both his Gospel and the Apocalypse (The Book of Revelation).

In 95AD, during the persecution of the Christians by the Roman Emperor Domitian, Saint John was forced into exile on the island of Patmos where he lived as a prisoner.

It is during this exile on Patmos that John the Apostle wrote the Apocalypse, which is the final book of the Christian bible.

Patmos is in fact mentioned in the introduction of the Book of Revelation which states that its author, John, received a vision from Jesus in Cave of the Apocalypse - the cave on Patmos where he would pray each day.

His disciple Prochorus, who was always with John of Patmos, later wrote the last chapter of the gospel of St. John inside the cave.

For this reason, Patmos is a destination for Christian pilgrimage, where visitors can see the Cave of the Apocalypse) and several monasteries on the island that are dedicated to Saint John.

Cave of the Apocalypse
The Cave of the Apocalypse, Patmos Island

Cave of the Apocalypse Patmos

The Monastery of Saint John the Theologian was founded in Patmos the late 10th century and dedicated to the beloved disciple - and it has been a place of pilgrimage and Greek Orthodox learning ever since.

It is also home to a remarkable collection of manuscripts, icons, liturgical artwork and objects.

In 1999, the island's historic center Chora, along with the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse, were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Unique Architectural Style of Patmos Island

The architecture of Patmos presents itself as a beautiful settlement with its plethora of whitewashed mansions and Aegean style houses.

It is strongly related to the aforementioned foundation of the Monastery of Saint John, one of Greece’s most unique architectural marvels.

From its location atop the city of Patmos, the imposing Monastery oversees the entire island and is reminiscent of a Byzantine castle with towers and crenellations.

Monastery of Saint John Patmos
Monastery of Saint John the Theologian
Monastery of Saint John
Monastery of Saint John, interior

In the days that pirates dominated the Aegean waters, the safest place for the locals on the island to take refuge from the constant attack was the Monastery.

The Chora was built closely around this fortified enclosure with the houses forming a ‘labyrinth settlement’ so that the terraces of the buildings created a secret elevated escape route, resulting in the very unique architectural style that can be seen today.

As a further safeguard, the structural plan of the houses allowed few openings.

Patmos Chora

Patmos Chora

Unspoilt Nature and Beaches of Patmos Island

On Patmos one can find sandy and pebbly beaches of exquisite beauty and crystal clear waters, such as Psili Ammos Beach, Agrio Livadi Beach, Grikos Beach and the organised Kampos Beach.


Psili Ammos Beach Patmos
Psili Ammos Beach, Patmos Island
Grikos Beach, Patmos
Grikos Beach, Patmos Island

In adddition, numerous small private beaches accessible only by sea - not just along the coastline of the island, but also on the neighbouring islands Arki, Marathi and Chiliomodi - await discovery by boat owners

Nature lovers are able to explore the sights of Patmos on foot,  by following the 'Paths of Culture' hiking trails, designed to lead visitors to the major sights of the island.

Alonissos honoured on National Geographic’s ‘Best of the World List’ 2021