Stefanos Tsitsipas’ journey at the 2021 Australian Open ends

Stefanos Tsitsipas’ journey at the 2021 Australian Open ends

Stefanos Tsitsipas’ journey at the 2021 Australian Open ends

A brilliant performance from the young 22-year-old Stefanos Tsitsipas at the 2021 Australian Open.

The crowd at Rod Laver Arena were wild the whole game tonight chanting “HELLAS TSITSIPAS”.

He played his absolute best in the semifinals, but was unable to defeat Russian Daniil Medvedev.

The Russian tennis player powered towards a 6-4, 6-2, 7-5 victory.

Despite losing, Stefanos does have something else to celebrate. He has the record for the 3 fastest backhands struck by Australian Open 2021 men's singles contenders.

In the after match interview Tsitsipas said

"Today I showed that I am not ready for a Grand Slam, but my opponent belongs to that category". He didn't want to answer if he felt mentally empty after the win against Rafa: "I am not here to find excuses, he played an excellent match".

"He's a player who has unlocked pretty much everything in the game," Tsitsipas said this time around.

"It's like he's reading the game really well. He has this amazing serve which I would describe close to John Isner's serve. And then he has amazing baseline which makes it extremely difficult. So even if you return the serve, you don't guarantee that you're going to win the point.

"You have to really work hard for it. It's difficult…and I'm sure all the hard work that he has been putting and the hours on the court have benefited a lot. He tricks you. You know, he plays the game really smart. It's really interesting to see that."

He has made Greeks all around the world proud.

Stefanos Tsitsipas relaunches limited edition souvlaki at Stalactites, to raise funds for Covid-19 relief

Yes, you will be smiling that much too when you try Stalactites’ limited edition ‘Tsitsipas Souvlaki’.

Melbourne’s famous Greek eatery Stalactites has once again teamed up with Greece’s star Stefanos Tsitsipas to re-launch their limited edition souvlaki.

100% of this year’s sales will assist those affected by COVID-19 and food insecurity.

The limited-edition souvlaki is available from today, Monday 1 February until Wednesday 24 February.

“I feel at home in Melbourne and I love being welcomed by the Greek community here” Tsitsipas said.

“All throughout quarantine I’d been craving a Stalactites souvlaki so I’m excited to finally be here with my team and family,” he added.

Donations will be split amongst two charities –Melbourne based charity SecondBite and ‘Together for the Children’, a charity close to Tsitsipas’ heart back in Greece.

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