Penélope Cruz graces the cover Marie Claire Greece

Penelope Cruz graces the cover Marie Claire Greece

Penelope Cruz graces the cover Marie Claire Greece

enélope Cruz graces the cover of Marie Claire Greece’s March issue with an in-depth interview where she opens up about how the lockdown enabled her to “meditate more” and “spend even more time cooking healthy food” for her children.
The 46-year-old, who lives in Spain, let her luxurious hair down and wore a white shirt tied into a knot for the magazine shoot.
During the interview, she also revealed that she and her husband Javier Bardem don’t let their acting careers dominate family life.
The Hollywood stars have been married since 2010 and share children Leo, ten and Luna, seven.
“Like any couple, we talk about our jobs, and consequently about our characters, about the way we handle this or that scene,” she said.

Penelope Cruz graces the cover Marie Claire Greece

“Sometimes we exchange ideas, but when it comes to our jobs generally, we’re not obsessed with work, we try to leave it at the door of the house.”

The Spanish actress also revealed that she tries not to focus too much if she is praised and never looks at negative comments about herself.

“As for negative remarks, I know nothing because I will never see what’s on Google. That would truly be a very bad exercise for my mental health! I’m rightly concerned with the opinion of my family and friends.”

“I’m of course thankful to the people who like my films and write to me, furthermore I try to respond to the maximum number of letters,” she continued.

The cover photo was shot by Xavi Gordo.

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