Wounded Beirut lights up blue and white for Greek Independence Day

Ibrahim Sursock museum in Beirut, Lebanon.

With the bicentenary anniversary since the Greek Struggle for Independence, the Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock museum in Beirut was symbolically lighted with the colours of the Greek flag.

This important anniversary for Greece coincides with the centenary of the Greek Community of Beirut which has long been a strong connecting link between the two friendly countries.

Greek ambassador to Lebanon Catherine Fountoulaki stated during the ceremony that “the Sursock museum, which has been through so many hardships, is the very symbol of Lebanon’s will to survive and strive for its ideals."

"It is the same spirit that has always driven the Greeks historically in close contact with the Lebanese through shared values and affinities," she added.

Lebanon’s Capital, Beirut, is still suffering from the devastating explosion that occurred on the city’s port on August 4 last year.

The museum that was lit with the Greek flag was one of the most severely damaged building and is currently under restoration.

Ibrahim Sursock museum in Beirut, Lebanon.
Ibrahim Sursock museum.

The Greek community itself suffered greatly after the explosion as you can see in this short film which was produced in 2020 - “Zeibekiko in Beirut”:

For the full story of the Greek community in Beirut you can also watch the documentary Kalimera apo virito.

Watch the 1st documentary about the Greeks of Lebanon "Kalimer...

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George Eid is a Lebanon-born Greek and Executive Television Producer at Al-Arabiya

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