The most beautiful thermal baths in Greece with therapeutic properties

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Besides the crystal-clear blue and green beaches and breathtaking mountainous landscapes, Greece is also known for its plethora of beautiful thermal baths.

Over the last decade, thermal baths have become some of the most popular destinations for tourists from every corner of the world, who visit them to receive the beneficial properties of their thermal waters, and to escape in the beautiful Greek mountains, caves and forests that surround them.

These thermal natural resources are scattered across the Greek territory and can be found in numerous Greek islands, but also all around the Greek mainland.

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Thermal spring waters vary both in temperature and in active ingredients, while their healing powers have been known since ancient times.

Just like “natural spas”, thermal baths are usually recommended by doctors, orthopaedics and chiropractors, who advice patients to swim in hot springs to treat symptoms of chronic arthritis, rheumatism, respiratory, digestive and other diseases.

Greece has over 750 points where water gushes from the bowels of the earth, creating small thermal bath lakes. In some of these springs, thermal water contains sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and many other chemical elements, which are very beneficial for the human body and skin.

Here are some of the most popular thermal baths in Greece, that both local Greeks and tourists love to visit every year and enjoy their many therapeutic properties.

Pozar Baths, Edessa (Λουτρά Πόζαρ, Έδεσσα)

The Pozar Thermal Baths (also known as Aridaia Baths) are located within a green forest, near the Kaimaktsalan mountain, and have a constant temperature of 37 degrees celsius. They have been gushing for thousands of years from the surrounding mountains, and have created an impressive natural swimming pool with healing benefits, that is full of visitors every summer.

Pozar Baths, Edessa (Λουτρά Πόζαρ, Έδεσσα) thermal bathsEdipsos Baths, Evia (Λουτρά Αιδηψού, Εύβοια)

The Edipsos Baths are many and big, that in fact, an entire “spa town” is built all around them, with numerous hotels and touristic attractions. They have become the most famous thermal spa destination in Greece, suitable for the treatment of many diseases.

thermal baths Edipsos Baths, Evia (Λουτρά Αιδηψού, Εύβοια)
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Loutraki Baths, Korinthos (Πηγές Λουτρακίου, Κόρινθος)

Surrounded by luxurious hotels and the most famous casino in Greece, the Loutraki Thermal Baths have become one of the “hottest” touristic destinations over the last few years, for those who wish to enjoy a comfortable stay, with many facilities, spas and swimming pools with therapeutic spring waters.

Loutraki Baths, Korinthos (Πηγές Λουτρακίου, Κόρινθος) thermal baths

Kammena Vourla, Fthiotida (Καμμένα Βούρλα, Φθιώτιδας)

In the area of Kammena Vourla at the municipality of Fthiotida, visitors can find several thermal bath lakes with warm waters of temperature ranging from 30 to 42 degrees Celsius. Many springs have created natural outdoor pools, where people can enjoy a bath and the healing properties of the water, and be as close to nature as possible.

Hydrotherapy in Kammena Vourla is well known among specialists, who recommend it to those who wish to treat chronic rheumatism, arthritis, as well as gynecological diseases.

thermal baths Kammena Vourla, Fthiotida (Καμμένα Βούρλα, Φθιώτιδας)
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Ikaria Baths, Ikaria (Λουτρά Ικαρίας, Ικαρία)

Ikaria is the Greek island with the most thermal baths, many of which are hidden between its mountains. The mineral springs in Ikaria gush from the seabed of the ocean surrounding the island, and are usually pretty warm with temperatures going up to 58 degrees Celsius during hotter months.

thermal baths Ikaria Baths, Ikaria (Λουτρά Ικαρίας, Ικαρία)

Methana Baths, Attica (Λουτρά Μεθάνων, Αττική)

The spa town of Methana is located right at the foot of a volcanic mountain, which belongs to the same volcanic line with the volcanoes of Milos, Santorini and Nisyros in the Aegean Sea.

According to historian Pausanias, the thermal springs in the area appeared suddenly and out of nowhere, in the middle of the 3rd century BC. In 1912 the first hydrotherapy centre was built in the town, which became popular among many Europeans who visited Greece to see it.

Methana Baths, Attica (Λουτρά Μεθάνων, Αττική) thermal baths

Kyllini Baths, Andravida, Kyllini (Λουτρά Κυλλήνης, Ανδραβίδα - Κυλλήνη)

Hidden within a forest, the Kyllini baths are some of the oldest thermal baths in the world, with a hydrotherapy centre that was built in ancient times and used to be a popular destination for the rich of the ancient world.

Today, in the area of Kyllini, tourists will also find some of the most luxurious hotels in Greece, restaurants, sea sport centres and other facilities

thermal baths Kyllini Baths, Andravida, Kyllini (Λουτρά Κυλλήνης, Ανδραβίδα - Κυλλήνη)
Photo by Municipality of Andravida and Kyllini

Smokovo and Soulanda Baths, Karditsa (Λουτρά Σμοκόβου και Σουλαντά, Καρδίτσα)

The famous spa centre of Smokovo, is located close to the touristic settlement of Karpenisi, in a verdant ravine of almost 500 metres high.

The thermal baths of Smokovo offer a unique experience, as thermal waters from four springs – known since the 1700s – reach the hydrotherapy centre of Smokovo, where numerous swimming pools have been built. All the pools are surrounded by glass windows, which allow swimmers to gaze into a fir forest, while having a sauna, working out in a water gym and taking a relaxing massage.

Smokovo and Soulanda Baths, Karditsa (Λουτρά Σμοκόβου και Σουλαντά, Καρδίτσα) thermal baths

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