Crete to reach 26 degrees Celsius this weekend


The temperature in Greece is expected to rise over the weekend, especially in Crete.

Maximum temperatures at noon on Saturday are expected to be 7-9 degrees Celsius higher than yesterday's maximum temperatures across the country.

In Attica, Viotia and Evia the temperature will rise by about 10-12 degrees Celsius higher than yesterday.

Maximum temperatures during the two days of April 2-3 - Sputnik Greece, 1920, 02.04.2021
Maximum temperatures on the two days of April 2-3. © Photo:

On Saturday, the highest temperature in Greece will be 25 degrees Celsius in central Greece.

Minimum and maximum temperature from EMY for Saturday 3/4 - Sputnik Greece, 1920, 02.04.2021
Minimum and maximum temperature on Saturday. © Photo: EMY

On Sunday, the highest temperature expected is in Crete.

The east Cretan town of Chania will see the mercury reach 27 degrees Celsius.