Greek Coast Guard harassed by Turkish counterparts close to Lesvos (VIDEOS)

Turkish Coast Guard

A Turkish Coast Guard illegally entered Greece's territorial waters today and harassed a patrol boat belonging to their Greek counterparts.

Carrying out dangerous maneuvers against the Greek patrol boat, This morning in the sea area northeast of Lesvos, the Turkish Coast Guard harassed their Greek counterparts.

At the same time, in a second incident in the same sea area in the early hours of today, a boat with illegal immigrants tried to enter Greek territorial waters whilst accompanied by a Turkish coastguard.


According to an announcement by the local port, "repeated attempts were made by the Greek Coast Guard to contact the Turkish Coast Guard vessel to pick up the occupants of the boat, but there was no response."

"The boat with illegal immigrants did not enter Greek territorial waters at all and its passengers were finally collected by another Turkish Coast Guard vessel, while the first one had already left the sea area," the Port added.


Also, in the early morning hours today, in the same sea area and in Turkish territorial waters near the border line, the Greek Coast Guard stopped another boat with illegal immigrants from entering.

"The above boat was approached by two Turkish Coast Guard vessels who unsuccessfully tried to push it into Greek territorial waters," emphasised the Greek Coast Guard.

"Eventually, the passengers of the boat were collected by the Turkish Coast Guards," they added.

Greek Minister of Migration and Asylum, Notis Mitarachi, in an announcement made on Twitter, explained Turkey's provocative actions today.

"This morning the Hellenic Coastguard reported multiple incidents of the Turkish Coastguard and Navy accompanying flimsy migrant boats to the border of Europe in an effort to provoke an escalation with Greece," he said among other things.

"It is beyond doubt that these migrants departed Turkish shores and given the fact they were supported by Turkey, were not at risk.

We call on Turkey to:

1) Stand down and stop this unwarranted provocation;

2) Return these migrants safely to Turkey;

3) Live up to the 2016 EU-Turkey Joint Statement on migration."

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