Greek military representative inspects Armenia-Azerbaijan border


Military attaché’s accredited in Armenia visited Syunik Province in Armenia’s south, including Greece’s Colonel Gerasimo Avloniti.

Azerbaijan has been occupying pockets of Syunik province and other areas of Armenia to force Yerevan to open transportation corridors across its territory.

As part of the working visit, a military attaché from the Greek Embassy in Yerevan, as well as other delegates from the U.S., Ukraine, Germany, France and Georgia were present to familiarise themselves with the situation.

After negotiations stalled last weekend to see Azerbaijan withdraw from Armenian territories, a new round of talks scheduled for Wednesday were halted due to Azerbaijan’s absence, demonstrating it is uninterested in resolving the issue.

Armenia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that if Azerbaijan does not withdraw “within a reasonable timeframe,” they may use force to remove the Azerbaijani troops.

Following this warning, the foreign military delegates conducted their tour of Syunik province, including Greece’s Colonel Gerasimo Avloniti.

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