Greek Coffee could be key to living longer


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A cup of Greek coffee a day, which is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants and contains only a moderate amount of caffeine, could just be the key to living a longer life.

American scientists have just unearthed fresh evidence that coffee exerts protective effects against heart failure and stroke. According to the researchers, for every extra cup of coffee drunk per week, there was a 7% reduction in risk of heart failure and an 8% risk reduction for stroke.

A more detailed research was conducted a few years back by Vascular Medicine, where researchers found that elderly residents from Greece’s famed Ikaria island, who drank boiled Greek coffee at least once a day displayed better overall cardiovascular health. (Ikaria has been documented as one of the regions where people live well past 90 at a significantly higher rate than the rest of the word.)

Coffee is now considered to be good for the heart since this beverage contains high levels of protective antioxidants and polyphenols. However, what makes Greek coffee superior to your average cup is its concentration and preparation, both of which deliver more protective compounds in each cup.

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Greek coffee is boiled, which creates kaimaki (foam), which adds a rich, creaminess to the coffee. The process of boiling coffee extracts much more nutrients from the coffee beans than the filtering method.

Additionally, Greek coffee is comprised of Arabica coffee beans, which are ground down to a very fine powder, thus delivering more concentrated antioxidants per ounce than in a cup of regular coffee. The combination of boiling a fine grind gives Greek coffee a powerful, one-two health punch. Plus, you get less caffeine than in other types of coffee.

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Greek Coffee

Rich in chlorogenic acid, polyphenols, lipid-soluble substances and other heart-healthy compounds, Greek coffee has been shown to help protect the arteries, as well as lower your risk for diabetes and boost overall immune health.

In Greece, coffee is generally consumed 3 times a day in small demitasse cups. In general, each cup contains just a little over 100 mg of caffeine, it’s also sipped slowly in social settings with family and friends, either around the kitchen table or in cafes. Part of the health benefits beyond the drink itself may also be connected to the leisurely pace of Greek life, which could also reduce overall stress- proving that Greek coffee really is great for your heart and soul!