Greek police arrest foreign nationals for human trafficking


Greek police authorities have arrested three foreign nationals yesterday, in three separate cases,  in the prefectures of Evros and Rodopi, charged with human trafficking after they smuggled a total of 33 illegal immigrants into Greece.

According to  a police announcement,  in the first case, in Evros early Sunday morning, police officers of the Border Guard Force of the Alexandroupolis Police Department arrested one suspect, who was driving a car carrying twelve illegal immigrants. The vehicle failed to  stop at the checkpoint which led to a police chase.  The suspect at one point ditched his car on a side road and tried to escape on foot but was arrested by police. The police investigation that followed revealed that the vehicle had fake license plates.

In the second case, in the early morning hours, on the National Road Alexandroupolis - Komotini (near Komotini), police officers of the Crime Prevention Squad of Komotini’s Security Department arrested the second trafficker, again driving a car attempting to smuggle fifteen illegal immigrants, whom he had hidden in the body of the truck.

In the third case, Saturday noon, in Koptero Rodopi, police officers of the Border Guard Force of Sapon of the Rodopi Police Directorate arrested the third trafficker, who had smuggled six illegal immigrants with his vehicle.

A total of three vehicles were confiscated, a pair of forged license plates and money. The suspects were presented before a Prosecutor, while the preliminary investigation for the three cases is being carried out by the Border Guard Force of Iasmos, Sapes and Fera.

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