Captured Golden Dawn member begins prison sentence at Domokos jail

Golden Dawn Pappas

Christos Pappas, second in command in the criminal organization Golden Dawn, has been transferred to the Domokos jail on Friday afternoon where the rest of the neo-Nazi's organization are incarcerated.

Pappas was arrested on Thursday night in Zografos, an eastern suburb of Athens, after going missing when former MPs of the party were sentenced in October 2020 for running a criminal organization.

The woman at whose house he was arrested also appeared before a prosecutor on Friday.

At the jail he was interviewed by the jail director and led to an isolated space for 7-14 days following coronavirus protocols; he will also be tested for COVID-19.

The temporary holding area is in the same wing where the other leading members of Golden Dawn are held.

According to unofficial information, Pappas expressed the wish to share a cell with former Europarliament MP Ioannis Lagos, but such a decision is pending.

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