Greece: All Covid restrictions from now on will only apply to the unvaccinated

Tsipras in London

Whatever restrictive measures are taken from now on to protect against the spread of the novel coronavirus, they will apply exclusively to people that have not been vaccinated, Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis said in an interview with Skai television on Sunday.
"No one has the right to impose restrictions on a person that is not in danger of ending up in an ICU," he added.
A discussion will be held during the week on whether the measures for 'Covid-free' and 'mixed' venues announced by the government two weeks ago can go ahead, he said, explaining that the situation was now entirely different given the rapid spread of the Delta variant, which had pushed the number of cases up from 500 to almost 3,000 a day.
In light of this, he added, there might be a decision to allow only Covid-free places of entertainment, open only to the vaccinated or those that have certifiably had Covid. Whatever happened, he noted, indoor places of entertainment and hospitality will definitely open on July 15.
A free app that will allow business owners to scan the certificates of prospective customers will be available on the platform very soon, he said, while warning that checks will be frequent. Penalties for breaking the rules will be extremely severe.