COVID-19 vaccinations in remote areas of Greece continue

COVID-19 coronavirus testing

The vaccinations against Covid-19 in remote and inaccessible areas of the country by National Public Health Organisation (NPHO) mobile vaccination teams continued on Monday in the mountains of the Evritania regional unit in Central Greece.

According to the health ministry, the vaccinations will begin in the mountain villages of Krenti and Granitsa in the Agrafes municipality where the vaccination of 150 people has been scheduled on Monday and Tuesday.

Meanwhile, spectators may return to sports facilities to watch games as long as adults are vaccinated for COVID-19 the ratio of unvaccinated youths does not exceed 5%, and all must wear masks without exception, the Sports Ministry revealed last week.

Following the approval of the Health Ministry’s national health committee, adult spectators will be obliged to show a vaccination certificate when purchasing an electronic ticket.

Younger people be obliged to show a PCR or rapid test with a negative test result.

At facilities without an electronic ticketing system, proof will be required at the door.

Open-air facilities may seat up to 80% of full capacity (or a maximum 25,000 people) while closed facilities will seat a maximum of 60% capacity (or a maximum 3,000 people).

The date these regulations will go into effect will be revealed expected in a few days.

In addition, a health protocol for the Half-Marathon race of Athens (September 12) was approved, with the provision that only fully vaccinated athletes are allowed to register.

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