Tsipras accuses PM Mitsotakis of obsession and arrogance

SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras, speaking in parliament on Tuesday, accused Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of obsession and arrogance both in education issues and in the other sectors of his policy and what he really seeks is to serve the private interests.

He also accused Mitsotakis and Education Minister Niki Kerameus of total ignorance of the Greek university and the nationwide exams procedure.

“Mr. Mitsotakis spoke 45 minutes but did not speak of the essence which is that thousands of children and their families are before a dramatic dilemma. If they find the money to send them to a university abroad or send them to private colleges of doubtful value,” Tsipras said.

He also pointed out that due to the issue’s cruciality his speech today will focus on education adding that “we will find the time to speak about the pandemic that we go from fiasco to fiasco and from deadlock to deadlock as well as issues of equality not observed.”

Addressing Mitsotakis and Kerameus, Tsipras accused them of ignorance of the Greek university and the exams procedure saying that: “You went to foreign universities and you have not studied in a Greek university.”

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