Afghani woman arrested over arson attempt in Athens

Afghani woman

A foreign national who claimed she is Afghani was arrested at Pedion tou Areos park in Athens on Friday afternoon by police patrolling the area after a ban forbidding visits to parks and forests throughout Greece.

The Afghani woman was arrested around 17:30, a few minutes after a fire broke out in the park on the side facing Alexandras Avenue. It was put out immediately by the Fire Brigade.

Two lighters, petrol and flammable materials, as well as a gas canister to fill lighters was found with Afghani woman.

Police said the Afghani woman was emotionally disturbed. The suspect was initially taken to the Kypseli police station and from there to the investigators of the Fire Brigade.

Kryoneri suspect

Meanwhile, a 43-year-old Greek who was arrested in Kryoneri, east of Varybobi where the most extensive fire still burns, is being led before the prosecutor on suspicion of arson.

State security drew up a file charging arson in a forest, possession of drugs, and violation of the law on flares.

The man was found at Mantri in Kryoneri on Friday morning, riding a motorcycle without license plates in an inaccessible area to residents.

Brutal' weather conditions fan flames of deadly fires in Greece -

Volunteer firefighters pointed him out to authorities because of a fire breaking out nearby without any observable cause.

He was arrested by state security and told them he was in the area to help fight the fire.

Police searched his house and found matches, lighters, flammable material and walnut shells, which police said can be used to kindle a fire without leaving traces. They also found a small amount of unprocessed cannabis.

Security found out that he is involved in another two rekindles of the fire in Kryoneri, the first nearly half an hour after midnight on August 4 at the Kryoneri cemetery, and the second at 00:15 at the Mantri area ravine in the same town on Friday.

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