Greek doctor's outburst against anti-vaxxers: "Stop all nonsense"

Thessaloniki hospitals are at 'breaking point,' doctors warn

A doctor from the Cretan city of Chania, who expressed his indignation with arguments by anti-vaxxers, has caused a sensation on social media by sharing his own experience in fighting COVID-19.

Doctor Manolis Fraggakis referred to those who are reluctant to be vaccinated, noting that although he understands their fear, it contrasts to the fear health professionals have with the catastrophic effects of COVID-19 on the human body.

"Let them finally learn that in 24 hours, the lungs turn white and collapse. Young people are intubated for days, and in the almost unlikely event that they are intubated, they will have terrible complications for the rest of their lives," he said.

The doctor then addressed those who consciously spread conspiracy theories and fake news about the pandemic and the vaccine, telling them to stop "all nonsense" and that "it is not fun."

Fragakis refuted one by one all the theories made by anti-vaxxers, highlighting that the vaccines do not have chips, no one died from lack of oxygen due to the masks, spoons do not magnetically stick to arms after vaccination, no one is connected to 5G and we do not become reptiles and more.

He even had to highlight that the vaccine is not the mark of the Antichrist and those who die in hospital are not actors, he wrote on his Facebook post.

The doctor's words are undoubtedly shocking shocking though: "We lay down body and soul, we spend the night, we cry and mourn with the world that lost its people, because we want to continue to watch the sun come and go, because we want a world better than this of the Delta Mutation."

Finally, the doctor asked people to close their ears to "every wicked one" and share their doubts with people of science.

Δεν ξέρω πότε και πώς πήρα την απόφαση ότι θέλω να ακολουθήσω τον δρόμο της Ιατρικής.Ποτέ δεν είχα στο μυαλό μου πως...

Posted by Manolis Fragakis on Tuesday, August 24, 2021

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  1. Bravo Dr, bravo. I will post this article in Australia as we have had some of our clergy here say the opposite to your sound words