Shocking words by a Patras nurse: COVID-19 vaccine will give you cancer like your father has


A few days after a doctor at the Health Centre of the Northern Sector mocked a mother who wanted to give the COVID-19 vaccine to her 16-year-old daughter, a second incident has come to light in Patras.

The incident happened at the Chemotherapy Department of the University Hospital in Patras.

"Have you had a vaccine? In two-three years you will be here too," said the nurse when inspecting the documents belonging to the daughter of a patient being treated for cancer.

The young woman was not silent though and verbally attacked the nurse.

Other patients and their companions watched the scene unfold.

Although security did not intervene and the argument quickly died down, the young woman said the nurse "cursed" her.

She informed the medical community of Patras about the nurses comment.

It is recalled that a few days ago, a mother of a 16-year-old girl in Patras was mocked by a doctor for wanting her daughter to be vaccinated.

The head of the 6th RAE, Giannis Karvelis, intervened in the matter and ordered an immediate investigation into the incident.

In a written complaint, the mother of the 16-year-old girl said that the doctor during the vaccination used derogatory words about the vaccine and the vaccination process, and degraded the severity of COVID-19.

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