Greece opens its first 'closed' camp for asylum seekers

20210918 223238

The Samos camp, which will be the learning ground for the other closed and controlled-access facilities, is a purpose built centre and can only be accessed via electronic swipe cards for maximum security of the residents.

20210918 223235

The centre in Zervou, a remote part of Samos, is one of several being set up across the Aegean islands to process refugees and asylum seekers.

Some 500 people who remain in Vathy camp in Samos will be transferred to the new centre from 2O September September onwards.

Gates will remain closed at night.

"The model of the controlled structures will be gradually transferred to all the islands and Greece's mainland," Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitarachi said a few months ago.

The Leros camp is expected to be finished next month, while on Lesbos home to Moria, Europe's largest camp and destroyed by fire last year work has yet to begin.

With better quality accommodation, running water, toilets, separate areas for families and more security, the Greek government assures that the camps will meet European standards.

They replace previous facilities that became infamous for their living and very overcrowded conditions.