Dendias slams Turkey's issue of anti-NAVTEX

Nautical Geo Turkey

UPDATE: The article initially misreported that a Turkish warships harassed the Maltese-flagged Nautical Geo research ship.

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias gave instructions for the Greek Embassy in Ankara to make a strong protest for Turkey harassing activity within Greece's maritime rights in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Malte-flagged vessel is conducting research east of Crete it map the possible course of the EastMed pipeline that will connect gas and oil fields in Cypriot and Israeli maritime space to Greece.

The Turkish Navy prevented Nautical Geo from conducting exploration activities on July 11.

Greece’s issued a NAVTEX between September 16 and 22.

This was followed by an an anti-NAVTEX issued by Turkey, which falsely claimed that Greece has no jurisdiction beyond 6 nautical miles east of Crete.

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