Gordon Ramsay : Greek food is better than Italian food

TV chef Gino was left fuming at Gordon when the Kitchen Nightmares star told him he thought Greek food was better than Italian

Italian TV chef Gino D'Acampo was furious when Gordon Ramsay told him that he thought Greek food was better than Italian food, and ITV fans were in stitches.

ITV's Gordon, Gino & Fred Go Greek graced our TV screens for the first time on Monday night (27 September), which meant the food-loving trio were back on another road trip.

This time, Gordon, Gino, and First Dates maître d' Fred Siriex were travelling around Greece - and visiting the nation's superb islands in a hunt of the best food around.

Gino D'Acampo was left seething at Gordon Ramsay when the two famous chefs chatted about food - and Gordon savagely snubbed Italian dishes to his face.

Gordon told Gino that he thought Greek food was better than Italian cuisine as the stars sat back on a lush boat cruising on the ocean.

In the awkward scenes that followed, Gordon and Gino ended up getting into a rather heated food-related row as Fred decided to take Gordon's side.

Gordon told Gino: "Greece never gets the look-in that France has or the Italians.

"Honestly, I think Greek cuisine is better than Italian cuisine."

Gino looked shocked at Gordon's statement, proceeding to put down his glass of champagne in anger before replying: 

"Oh, you're not serious!"

He then tried to rope Fred in on his side as he waved his arms in protest, crying: "Say something, say something!"

Sadly for Gino, Fred agreed with the Kitchen Nightmares star, telling him that people in Greece live long, healthy lives due to their national dishes.

Gino fired back: "The Italian diet is one of the most famous diets in the world. People are living many, many years."

The first episode showed the trio travelling around Crete before heading to the beautiful hot spot of Santorini, finishing in Mykonos.

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