SYRIZA: New restrictions on unvaccinated are only "half-measures"

SYRIZA Tsipras

The government's new restrictions to fight the COVID-19 pandemic are "half-measures," SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance party said on Tuesday.

The measures call for doubling the number of COVID-19 tests that unvaccinated private and public sector employees must present at work per week (from once weekly to twice weekly).

It also requires unvaccinated people to present rapid or PCR tests to enter public services, banks, hairdressers and retail stores.

"At the worst possible point of the pandemic, the Health Minister announces half-measures to deal with it and reveals the government's inability to understand how critical the situation is," the main opposition party said.

"This is a government that has resigned from handling the pandemic a long time ago; with its choices, it is speeding up the demise of the National Health System at a time when human losses are rising every day," SYRIZA's statement added.

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