Fitness guru Kayla Itsines reveals her love of home grown tomatoes

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The 30-year-old Greek Australian trainer, took to Instagram on Monday to talk about her obsession, saying her 'last meal' would be a simple affair of tomatoes and burrata cheese on toast.

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The co-founder of the world-famous exercise app SWEAT, who is worth an estimated $209million (AUD), revealed a love of fresh food after growing up watching her Greek grandfather plant fruit and vegetables in the garden of his Adelaide home introduced a love of fresh food.

'It wasn't exactly my idea of a "good time" growing up and I NEVER thought I'd actually care enough to grow my own produce in my own veggie garden, but now I realise that he was always just trying to demonstrate to me that food is so precious.'

Watching food go from garden to dinner table made Kayla appreciate 'everything she ate' and she hopes her little girl will feel the same.

'Now I get to teach her daughter Arna about the Itsines food philosophy that we've all shared for so many generations,' she said.

Kayla is not wrong as Australian research shows that although post-war Greek migrants have a high prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors (like obesity, diabetes, smoking, hypertension), they also live longer than Australian-born people. They have more than 35 per cent lower mortality from CVD and overall mortality compared with Australian-born people, after at least 30 years arriving in Australia.