Professor Öztürk: Erdoğan can only stand with morphine, he's no longer alive

Turkish President Erdoğan Ozturk

More and more recently, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been facing about allegations about his health condition.

The allegations made by economics professor and author İbrahim Öztürk on the Moonstar TV channel, which is owned by exiled Turkish journalists, have caused a stir in Turkey and further exacerbated the harsh climate against the Turkish president.

"There is no new phrase or reason for Erdoğan to stay in Turkish society anymore," Öztürk said when speaking live on Moonstar TV.

"There is no moral superiority, he has legally collapsed, he has religiously collapsed and his prestige has collapsed," he continued, before dropping a bomb about the Turkish president's health.


"Let me mention something that someone close to him told me.

"He told me: 'But professor, Erdoğan is no longer alive. Erdoğan is now dead, dead. He stands up with morphine and simply reads the paper in front of him to read. In any case he is unable to read it, he should not open his mouth because he is saying nonsense. When he reads that paper, it is considered a success. At the moment professor, Erdoğan is not alive."

Erdoğan's government accuses Öztürk of links to the outlawed Imam Fethullah Gulen's network.

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