Former Minister Suggests Printing "Turkish Dollars" to overcome currency crisis

Former Minister Bülent Akarcalı

Customised Turkish dollars... was proposed by former Health and Tourism Minister Bülent Akarcalı in the struggle to overcome the slump of the Turkish lira and the ongoing economic crisis in the country.

"Since people want to buy dollars, then let's print Turkish dollars," Akarcalı told Turkish television channel TV 100.

The host of show commented: "This is an interesting proposal for the currency crisis, which made the dollar reach 15 liras after successive interest rate cuts."

The former Minister of Tourism, who is an economist by profession and a graduate of the School of Economics of the University of Brussels, stated: "Since people want to buy dollars, then let us print Turkish dollars."

"This is a Turkish dollar that is absolutely equal to the US dollar," he said, adding: "Whenever you wish, you can convert it into Turkish liras at the current exchange rate of the US dollar."

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