The first depiction of a yo-yo was in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek vase yoyo yo-yo

The Yo-Yo is believed to have originated from a Chinese toy known as the Diabolo, but from China, it is thought that the toy expanded its popularity towards Greece.

In Greece, a yo-yo resembling toy can be seen on vases dating from the year 500 B.C., which happens to be the first official mention of this pastime invention in history.

Yo Yo - one of the oldest toys in the world - Walls with Stories

Greek society was based on a number of initiation rituals, and it is today believed that the toy, mostly made of wood, clay, or even metal, served as an offering to the gods in order to signify the coming of age of the child.

Due to its fragile nature, clay was the most probable option when it came to the ritual offerings, while wood and metal were used for kids entertainment.

Images depicting similar objects were also found in Egypt, which illustrates the way this curious device traveled the world, captivating minds of grown-ups and children alike.

Vases depicting the toy, as well as remains of a terracotta disc that was used to form this simple entrapment, can be seen exhibited in the National Museum of Athens, Greece.

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