Liuetant General Konstantinos Korkas: The legend of the Special Forces celebrates 101st birthday!

Greek army, Lieutenant General Konstantinos Korkas

A legendary figure of the Greek army, Lieutenant General Konstantinos Korkas, turned 101 a few days ago.

"101 years old living legend of the Special Forces! General Korkas Konstantinos! Hieroglyph and compass for us younger ones. 101 years full of Greece! Happy birthday my General, and keep livng!!! " wrote in a Twitter post General Konstantinos Floros.

The message was accompanied by a video where General Floros, together with Lieutenant General Nikos Flari and Commander Giorgos Tsitsikostas, visited the living legend on his birthday and brought a cake.

Who is Lieutenant General Konstantinos Korkas?

The Lieutenant General was born in the village of Poulitsa near Corinth in 1921.

He graduated from military school in 1943.

General Korkas retired in 1980 with the rank of Lieutenant General and with the title of Honorary Commander of the 1st Army.

Greek army, Lieutenant General Konstantinos Korkas

He took part in the military operations of Crete (1941), North Africa (1942-43), the Aegean islands and the Dodecanese (1943-45) and finally in the Civil War (1947-49) where he was wounded twice.

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