Turmoil in Turkey: Erdogan targets people's jewellery to deal with financial crisis


Rumours have been circulating in Turkey that Recep Tayyip Erdogan is preparing to put his hand on the jewels of the people to face the impasse in which the Turkish economy has reached, SKAI reported.

One week ago, Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati said in a televised interview that the Turkish government was considering issuing some kind of bond, urging people to deposit their money and pounds in banks to get a government bond.

Erzurum Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, who is pro-government, made it more specific, noting that people can hand over their jewellery to a state box office, get a bond and, when needed, "borrow" it and then return it to them.

"Every citizen should bring their earrings, bracelets, every piece of jewellery to the state, to be weighed, to be given a bond and all this to be put in a safe under the control of the state," the mayor said.

"Whoever wishes, on the day of an event, a wedding, will go to get the jewellery, will wear it and then return it to the state", he added.

For his part, the chairman of the "Great Unity" party, Mustafa Destici, who belongs to the ruling coalition, answered precisely that he does not buy meat, but whenever he wants to eat, he slaughters a sheep.

"I do not go to buy meat from the butcher and I do not give 100 liras. I slaughter a sheep or I order it to be slaughtered and they bring me meat. Not all citizens may be able to, but I do," he said.

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