Sabah: "Racism in Greece, even in parliament regarding Made in Turkey"


Sabah newspaper, which saw another opportunity to make accusation against Greece to the Turkish public, speaks of "racist" behaviour from Greece.

This is due to the reference of Communist Party of Greece (KKE) MP Liana Kanelli to the "Made in Turkey" health masks distributed to Greek MPs. .

Entitled "Turkish Mask Crisis in Greece: Racist Discussion Even in Health", the article states: "Greece continues its racist stance even in health," the newspaper wrote, referring to the explanations of the Speaker of the Parliament, Konstantinos Tassoulas.

"The fact that the masks that were distributed to the MP's were made in Turkey caused controversy in the Greek Parliament," the newspaper added.

The issue of Turkish masks in the Greek parliament received a lot of publicity in Turkish media.

Some typical titles of publications in print and electronic press: "Turkish indigestion in Greece. Up and down the parliament"(A Haber), "Controversy over the masks: Made in Turkey in the Greek parliament" (TRT), "Up and down the Greek parliament. The masks produced in Turkey became a topic in the parliament" (Son Dakika) and "The masks produced in Turkey caused controversy in Greece" (Haber Turk).

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At the beginning of her speech at the parliament, Liana Kanelli, a deputy with the Greek Communist Party (KKE), drew attention that high-protection FFP2 masks were Turkish-made, Greek news outlet In reported.

"The masks you distributed to us in parliament are from Turkey. It says ‘Made in Turkey’. It's not bad. But although migrants from Turkey cannot get through, commercial interests are passing through," she said.

Speaking on the matter, Greek Parliament Speaker Konstantinos Tasoulas confirmed that the masks were made in Turkey.

“We opened a public tender for supplying high-protection masks and eventually, a German company that gave the best bid won it, he said, adding: “However, we did not know that the German company has a factory in Turkey to produce masks, Tasoulas said.

He added that they would not have bought the masks if they knew they were made in Turkey.

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