Gasoline will reach over 2 euros in Greece - What went wrong?

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The vice-president of the Association of Gas Station Owners and Traders stressed that the course of gasoline is steadily upward every day.

"The average price today reaches 1.90 euros nationwide, which is a very high price for unleaded gasoline, as well as for heating oil and diesel that affects all businesses," stressed the vice president of the Association of Gas Station Owners and Traders, Georgios Asmatoglou.

"The one who ultimately pays for it is the consumer," he added.

The course of the refined oil is steadily upward everyday and if it makes a decline for a while, it returns upwards again, said Mr. Asmatoglou.

"The upward trend continues little by little every day. If the upward trend in fuel was indeed temporary, it should have ended by December at the latest, but we are already in February and the increases are going up," said Mr. Asmatoglou.

This justifies the increases we have seen on the supermarket shelves, as they come from the high price of fuel.

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"We have always said that in cases where the international price of crude oil increases, there should be a mechanism to reduce tax , which is also charged by VAT," pointed out Mr. Asmatoglou.

"I do not know if we will exceed 2 euros for gasoline.

"We will enter a big recession that will not bring revenue to the state coffers, because the low price and turnover is what brings revenue."

He added that these prices have greatly affected consumer's pockets, noting that:

"We saw it with heating oil, with snow, the quantities that were ordered were very small, the tanks were empty and where the distribution, at least in the northern suburbs where it snowed a lot, too many houses were left without oil, they had no other means of heating."

"Something has to be done!" he added.

Mr. Asmatoglou clarified that the problem is not domestic, but concerns the whole of Europe.

"On some Greek islands, the price of gasoline exceeds 2.20 euros and will reach 2 euros in large urban centres," he concluded.

George K. Andris is a correspondent for News Auto. 

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