ALKIS KABANOU: Main suspected hooligan in murder of football fan pleads not guilty

Alkis Kabanou

A 23-year-old man charged with the brutal murder of 19-year-old footfall fan Alkis Kabanou in Thessaloniki and the injury of two of his friends pleaded not guilty before an examining magistrate on Monday.

In his testimony, the man admitted being the driver of one of three vehicles used by a group of people who participated in the fatal attack against 19-year-old Alkis Kabanou on February 1.

However, he denied any involvement in either Kabanou' murder or in the injuries of his two friends during the attack.

Again in his testimony, he claimed that the group wanted to only intimidate the three, and that he was informed of the tragic outcome by its news coverage.

He also provided authorities with the full names of ten people who are allegedly involved in the incident, before being led back to detention.

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Another eight suspects who were arrested on Sunday and who are facing multiple counts of acting together to commit murder and attempted murder, will be testifying before examining magistrates this week, and were led back to jail.

Another two are being sought by police.

According to police sources, forensic laboratory results have produced the fingerprint of an identified person, recovered from a weapon that was used in the murder and found abandoned at the scene of the crime.

Last week, another misdemeanors court in Thessaloniki sentenced the suspect to 4 years and 3 months in jail without suspension and a 2,200-euro fine over misdemeanors related to possession of arms, among others.

Violent fans often use supporters’ clubs to stage attacks, and police this week seized ice picks, flares, pitchforks and baseball bats in a raid at one venue.

Greece has battled soccer-related violence for decades.

League organisers have started inviting referees from other European countries to officiate at essential matches to address bias cases at events.

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