Greece scraps mandatory Covid test for travellers from US, Canada, Australia


Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority scrapped a requirement for travellers from the United States, Canada and Australia to present a negative Covid-19 test, provided they have a vaccination certificate or a certificate of recent illness. 

The new measure took effect on Saturday and will apply until February 21st

All travellers must complete their PLF before entering the country, providing detailed information on their point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of their stay while in Greece. In case of multiple stays, they are required to provide the address for the first 24 hours at least. One PLF should be submitted per family.

• Travellers will receive the PLF with their unique Quick Response (QR) code via email (the QR code will be provided in a link in the email).

The PLF can also be found on the Visit Greece app and at It is strongly recommended that all visitors download the Visit Greece app (GDPR compliant) for free, prior their arrival in Greece.

Note to all travelers: The official portal of the Hellenic Republic to complete the required PLF is

Any other websites that act as intermediaries, are not approved and are considered to be fraudulent. We therefore advise travelers to complete the simple process directly on