Crazy flights: $281 to the Greek Islands from Australia

SCOOT 787 8

International travel is well and truly back for the vaccinated so if you want to get to Greece this summer this new deal travel deal is for you.

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Low-cost airline Scoot has released flights to Greece from Melbourne, from just $562 return ($281 one way).

Sydneysiders and those in the Gold Coast are also in for a treat, with $591 and $610 return fares up for grabs.

If you love a bargain fare, then you’ve got to understand what comes with it — and that’s a seat with minimal baggage. You pay for everything else.

Want to eat? You pay for it. Extra baggage will cost too. That blanket and pillow will also require a credit card. Want movies?

It’s BYO screen and if you don’t have your own library of binge-watching material, then expect to pay for the streaming menu.

From Athens you can take another low-cost carrier like EasyJet, Aegean or Ryanair into London for around $100, making it possible to get to the UK for under $1000 AUD.

Scoot also offers the chance to upgrade into Business on-board. It’s even cheaper to move into Stretch.

You can also take up the MaxYourSpace deal to purchase empty seats for a bargain price, so you can lie down all the way.

Just remember this rule on Scoot — you get what you pay for. They will get you there and back for a good price, but if you want any of the regular luxuries, you pay. With a little planning like pre-downloading your own movies, packing a giant bottle of water and bringing your own blanket it’s easy.

And with an upgrade, you could be flying to Europe up the front for about the same price as flying Economy on some other carriers.

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