Russia - Ukraine conflict sparks concern for Greek ships in Black Sea

greek ships

The Russia - Ukraine military conflict has sparked  concern for Greek ships in Black Sea, with the Greek Port Authority's Operations Centre announcing that it is in continuous contact with captains of Greek-flagged or -owned ships in the Black Sea and the necessary directions have been issued, said Shipping & Island Policy Minister Yiannis Plakiotakis said on Thursday, adding he had spoken with the captains himself.

Also, the relevant services of the Hellenic Coast Guard Headquarters are in contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for information on the developments ready to undertake any necessary action.

Earlier, the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy urged Greek ships to leave Ukrainian and Russian territorial waters in the Black Sea.

According to the ministry, there are 8 Greek-flagged ships in the Black Sea (3 freighters, 5 tankers), along with a Maltese-flagged freighter ship under Greek ownership.

Meanwhile, the Joint Military Committee of  Lloyd's Market Association (LMA) has listed Russian and Ukrainian waters of the Black and Azov Seas in the list of areas of increased military, piracy, terrorism and related dangers. Based on the above announcement of the LMA, the terms and conditions of insurance of ships against war risks located in the area in question are changed and will be the subject to special negotiations between shipowners and insurers.

As far as seafarers are concerned, the announcement does not currently affect their terms of service.