Clashes at concert dedicated to 50-years of Greece-Bangladesh diplomatic relations

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The concert hall of the Trianon Theatre on Kodrigtonos Street was turned into a fight arena on Tuesday night, when during a music night dedicated to the 50 years of Greek-Bangladeshi diplomatic relations, a fight broke out among the guests.

The concert, organised by the Embassy of Bangladesh, started around 8 pm and ended three hours later.

In attendance was the Minister of Culture of Bangladesh K M Khalid, who on Wednesday met with the leadership of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

Abdul Kundous, president of the Bangladeshi Community in Athens, was also present.

Speaking to Proto Thema, he revealed the rivalries created between individuals from different groups of Bangladeshi organisations in Greece.

"The concert took place at the Trianon Theatre on Kodrigtonos Street. Everything was going well when towards the end of the night a commotion suddenly started between two people from different groups of Bangladeshis.

"We all wanted this concert, there were just issues with the organisation. Some agreed and some did not. Unfortunately, these differences were transferred to the concert, with the result that there were fights throughout the night.

"They fought badly, this is the truth. We tried to get in the middle to separate them but it was difficult.

"There are differences here in the groups that have unfortunately been created."

Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in March 1972, when Greece became one of the first countries to recognise Bangladesh.

The Bangladeshi embassy in Athens was established in July 2009 and Greece maintains a consulate general in Dhaka.

As of 2018, there were about 80,000 Bangladeshi expatriates living in Greece. The community is mainly based in the capital Athens.

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