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Thessaloniki’s Top 5 Bougatsa

3 months ago

How does eating your way around Thessaloniki in search of the best Bougatsa sound? Warm and sweet on the inside, crispy and sprinkled with cinnamon or icing sugar on the outside, this popular custard phyllo pie is one of Greece’s most loved pastries.

Walking the streets of Thessaloniki, you will smell the aroma of freshly baked bougatsa coming from every direction- it is after all a specialty of Northern Greece and although it’s hard to find a bad bougatsa here, there are definitely some standouts.


GCT has gone in search of the best custard Bougatsa in town and rounded up the Top 5 places that use traditional and secret family recipes that will leave all your senses more than satisfied.


P.S Make sure you go early to avoid disappointment, as most of these Bougatsa stores sell out early!

1 → Bantis– if you are only going to try one Bougatsa whilst in Thessaloniki, we suggest you head for the old-school favourite Bantis, which has been operating since 1969. It’s a traditional bougatsa workshop run by Philippos Bantis and his wife and son who was taught the art of bougatsa making by his grandfather. The phyllo is handmade and you can definitely taste the difference.

A: Panagias Faneromenis 33, Thessaloniki 546 32


2 → Serraikon is also one of the oldest bougatsa shops in town. It was established in 1952 and although the company has now been franchised all around Greece, the quality and consistency still rate high with the locals of Thessaloniki, which says it all! It’s also very central, making it all the easier to pop back time and time again!

A: Vasileos Irakleiou 35, Thessaloniki 546 24

To Anoteron

3 → To Anoteron is another local favourite, with a secret family recipe that has been passed on from generation to generation. This store’s handmade bougatsa comes with a choice of different fillings, including custard, cheese or spinach- so if you aren’t a fan of sweet pies, there are great savoury alternatives!

A:  59 Agiou Dimitriou, Thessaloniki 546 33

4 → Giannis is renowned for its late-night revellers who in the early hours of the morning (after a night at the Bouzoukia or barakia) head for a sweet treat to end their outing.

The tiny street where Yiannis’s is located gets packed with youngsters who patiently wait in line for one of their famous pies.

Apart from their semolina custard version, they are also renowned for their mince and chocolate Bougatsa, which are also a must-try- making it an ideal mid-night snack!

A: Mitropoleos 106, Thessaloniki 546 21

5 → To Xryso produces traditional cream-filled pastry in over 5 varieties, including sweet and savoury options. Their secret recipe features handmade phyllo that is unique and light.

A: Dim. Gounari 27, Thessaloniki 546 22


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