Paschalis Terzis: Famous singer rushed to hospital

Paschalis Terzis

Breaking news was conveyed by the journalist Nadia Alexiou on Alpha's morning show regarding beloved sing Paschalis Terzis.

Specifically, she conveyed that the favorite folk singer Paschalis Terzis was admitted to a private hospital in Thessaloniki.

The famous singer was accompanied by his wife.

Terzis only makes few public appearances and prefers to spend quality time with his family and loved ones.

Recently, he was at a friendly match between the veterans of Iraklis and Niki Polygyros in the capital of Halkidiki.

In fact, he did not refuse to be photographed with the players of both teams.

Smiling and holding a cane, he posed with the veteran football players.

"Our veterans gave a friendly match with the team of Iraklis, in Lakkia, Thessaloniki, while the invincible Paschalis Terzis honoured the meeting with his presence," read a social media post.

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