Sleepy Kythnos might actually be the perfect Greek island holiday for you

Kythnos Hora

With Kythnos only a short three hours from Piraeus or hour and 45 minutes from Lavrio, it makes this island a perfect weekend trip from Athens, even it remains relatively by Athenians themselves!

Tourism development on the island has been low level as the travel sector never overtook traditional means of income.

That does not mean that the small island of just about 1,500 people does not have hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Hora, the island’s main town, whose features include charming whitewashed houses with blue-coloured window frames and shutters, small and cosy traditional kafeneia, delightful yards with gardenias, geraniums and roses, cats, whitewashed churches, vaulted arcades and fascinating alleys, the aroma of home cooking permeating the air - is the perfect place to begin.

Kythnos Hora

The town also offers a view of the rest of the island and is car-free. It is off limits to vehicles, which are left outside its boundaries as the town’s alleys are too narrow.

Kythnos Hora

In a nutshell, this Cycladic town has all the attributes needed for an enjoyable visit.

Contrary to Hora’s classic Cycladic style, the village Dryopida, at the centre of the island, elevated and far from the sea, differs.

Dryopida Kythnos

This village features a uniform architectural style of small two-storey houses with red-coloured roof tiles, which can be applied without fear as the location’s surrounding hills protect the village from strong winds.

Dryopida Kythnos

This explains why Dryopida’s ceramic art has flourished.

Carry on for Panagia Kanala, a small village developed around a church of the same name. The island’s religious focal point, it attracts many pilgrims from beyond the island.

A fascinating road route runs from Dryopida in a southerly direction, all the way to the seaside village Agios Dimitrios, the island’s southernmost point, almost in a straight line of uphill and downhill stretches along the island’s ridge.

The route offers sea views to the left and right. The village Agios Dimitrios features a sandy beach and some shops.

Agios Dimitrios kythnos

Tourism is more developed at the island’s northern side, the village Loutra being one of the more advanced spots.

Loutra kythnos

Xenia, an old spa resort, and public baths dominate this village’s beach area, while cafes, tavernas and rooms for rent are spread around the sides.

The local marina typically fills with yachts. Yacht tourism emerged as the earliest form of tourism on Kythnos as a result of the island’s short distance from Athens.

The morning hours are ideal for exploring some of the island’s 104 beaches, many of which can only be accessed by boat.

Most of Kythnos’ beaches are small and sandy, on the west and east coasts of the island. Some of these beaches are well known and popular, such as Skylos Episkopi and Apokrousi.

Undoubtedly. the most famous beach though is Kolona.

Kolona beach Kythnos

Kolona beach Kythnos

Others remain obscure, so much so that you could find yourselves alone at some marvellous seaside setting in the summer.

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