How Vicky Kavoura maintains her figure: I exercise and I don't eat souvlakia and fries

Vicky Kavoura

Vicky Kavoura spoke on the show "Happy Day" and revealed the secrets of her fit and perfect figure that she has maintained all these years.

"I've been going to the gym since I was 13 and my diet has been specific for as long as I can remember," said the 34-year-old acress.

However, what she said next will probably come as a surprise for most Greeks as she revealed she does not indulge in one the classic foods that has existed since ancient times.

"I never eat Greek skewers," Kavoura said, adding: "I've eaten a burger once."

"Now lately I started eating spaghetti because of training, I didn't like it. I tried, I pushed, ok I did it.

"I don't like potatoes. I like sweets though."

Vicky Kavoura

As for her face, Vicky Kavoura said that she makes her own face mask with whole yogurt and honey.

Vicky Kavoura is known for her roles in The Bachelor 3 (2018), Halvai 5-0 (2020) and Klemmena oneira (2011).

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