Domna Kountouri: A Fame Story

Domna Kountouri belongs to the new generation of singers in Greece.

With vocal skills extending to all genres of music, the talented singer became well known after participating as a contestant in season 3 of ANT1 network’s Fame Story music competition, one of the most successful Greek TV shows of recent years.

Born and raised in Nea Koutali, on the island of Lemnos, Greece, Domna began singing at a very young age.

What made you decide to pursue a career in singing?

At the age of twelve, I was singled out as a talent by my teacher Anthi Gourounti at school. She heard my voice and there was something there for her. At the age of fourteen, I debuted as a soloist in the local choir on the island I was born and there the local musicians listened to my singing. When I was fifteen, I was already singing professionally.

What kind of singer would you classify yourself as?

I am the key that opens many locks. I have the ability to sing many different music genres and subgenres. My music background has a multi-collective factor and that has helped me to develop and excel my vocal techniques.

Where do you get your inspiration from and how do you transcribe this inspiration into notes and lyrics to create a song?

Life and death inspire me in every aspect. Events, stories and emotions that move me give me the urge to explore them musically and find the words that describe them as meaningfully as possible.

What genre of music do you like to listen to?

One can find diamonds in all kinds of music. I especially love songs that surpass their genre and are all embracing. When at home, I prefer to listen to movie theme songs.

Domna Kountouri: A Fame Story

What are some of your collaborations that you remember proudly?

Surely Christos Nikolopoulos is a teacher and a role model for me. But in reality, Antonis Gounaris is my collaborator who influences me with his orchestral performance and advice more than anyone else and his influence is reflected in my music.

Do you find yourself limited by the material you have available?

In the past, I have sometimes felt artistically limited and this has become my guideline to always choose music that interests me so that I am able to support it throughout my whole performance on stage.

As a modern vocal coach, how difficult is it to guide and advise the new generation of musicians?

I am a modern vocal coach in contemporary singing. I obtained my degree from the Greek National Conservatory and my mentor was Anna Diamantopoulou. The method I have been taught is the best method for a singer to find his moment and personality in singing. I am in touch with the new generations and I fully comprehend their needs and beliefs. This gives me the ability to be close to my students and they experience self-improvement through this process. But also, it’s me who becomes a better person by being in contact with them.

Do talent shows and social media assist an artist to build a career?

A career in the music industry cannot be built simply by involving an artist in a music television program. It requires hard work and luck to sing the right song at the right time.

What’s next for you?

An English-speaking song I have written and prepared. The title is “Turn” and I hope you like it.

Listen to music by Domna Kounturi on Apple Music.

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