Wildfires in Megara reach people's yards, situation now under control

Megara wildfire

A wildfire that broke out in the west Attica area of Megara earlier on Wednesday was fully fledged and threatened homes which are scattered in the area, said the Fire Brigade late afternoon Wednesday. However, a later announcement confirmed that the situation was now under control.

The fire burnt pine trees through and beyond the agricultural area of Veniza.

Residents at the Papagianeika area were instructed to evacuate via the 112 emergency number early evening Wednesday.

A precautionary evacuation of residents at the Zachouli area was carried out earlier in the afternoon.

Firefighting forces were reinforced a second time at Megara, where now 95 firefighters with 34 fire engines and 3 ground teams are assisted by 7 water-bombing aircraft and 6 helicopters.

Meanwhile, the police closed off road traffic at the so-called Anonymous Road at its intersection with the Megaron-Alepochori A-road towards Louba, and again at Anonymous Road from Ano Alepochori towards Louba.

Owing partly to subsiding winds, the situation is improving at the wildfire that broke out in the west Attica area of Megara earlier on Wednesday, said the Fire Brigade late evening Wednesday.

The fire seems to have been restricted to the western part of the area of Zachouli, while a second, smaller fire front is active near the area of Pefkenea.

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