Former pornstar Julia Alexandratou shows off her baby belly (VIDEO)

Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou returned to social media with a new post after announcing her pregnancy recently.

Wearing only her underwear, Julia Alexandratou took a video, showing off her slightly swollen belly.

The few-second clip was uploaded through her Instagram profile and through it she started a Q&A, inviting her followers to ask her questions. She captioned them: “Fat?. I'm taking questions."

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It is recalled that the announcement of her pregnancy was made through a story she shared on Instagram, in which she is lying in bed with her hand caressing her belly.

In the caption she wrote: "Baby loading", implying that she is expecting her first child.

Julia Alexandratou

In another post after the announcement of her pregnancy, Julia Alexandratou lashed out against all those who have something negative to say to her, without respecting the baby she is expecting.

"You're not going to get anything from the cholera you're giving out. Go to a doctor to clear your soul. Animals. Rubbish,” she wrote on an Instagram Story.

She then posted another photo on her story showing her baby's ultrasound. On top of the snap he wrote: "My baby."

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Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou has not yet announced who the father of the child is.

The last relationship that was publicly known was her marriage to Christian Karpozillo a few years ago, where she gave up her life in Greece, leaving for Austria.

The model moved permanently to Greece after their separation though.

In an earlier interview, she stated: “With Christian, the cycle of our shared life has closed and the competent courts are those of the country where we got married. For two days now I have been living permanently in Greece, specifically in Psychiko.”

“My furniture also arrived. I’m not going to act in porn movies again. Sex over, what interests me now is to look at my career,” she said.

“I have a great appetite for new things and ventures. This is going to be a creative period for me. Far from my past.”

In 2002, at age 16, Julia Alexandratou won the beauty pageant title “Miss Young” in Greece. Four years later, she won the title “Miss Greece International 2006” (also called the “Runner-up Star Hellas 2006”) at the Miss Star Hellas beauty pageant.

On 3 March 2010, a DVD depicting Alexandratou having sex with a then-unidentified male began being sold in many spots around Greece.

When first asked by reporters about this video, Alexandratou and her manager, Menios Fourthiotis, stated that this was the first time they heard about it and that they thought that it was a joke or a blackmail attempt.

Nevertheless, the owner of Sirina Entertainment (the company which distributed the DVD), Dimitris Sirinakis, stated: “I can’t reveal how or from whom I got the sex tape, but I can assure you that it was obtained legally.”

A day after its release, over 200,000 copies of the DVD were said to have been sold.

Shortly after the DVD’s release, Alexandratou appeared on one of Star Channel’s newscasts, on which she claimed that the pornographic video was filmed exclusively for personal use.

She also stated, without revealing the unidentified man’s real identity, that his first name was Giorgos and that it was him who leaked the video, to harm her public image.

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On 17 March 2010, Alexandratou appeared on Greek host Tatiana Stefanidou’s TV show Axizi na to Dis, on which she admitted that she was paid in advance for her participation in the video, thus confirming that it is a professional pornographic video and not an amateur one.

The DVD sold over 100,000 copies at news stands.

On 4 February 2011, a second DVD produced by Sirina Entertainment was released in Greece with Alexandratou starring along with two male black pornographic actors.

The DVD is considered a sequel of the first video, since it is titled Julia 2 Mavri (Julia 2 Blacks).

Alexandratou was born on 24 November 1985, to a father who hails from Kefalonia, named Zissimos Alexandratos and a mother who hails from London, England, named Allison Hunt-Alexandratou.

Her father is a mechanical engineer, while her mother is a former fashion model. She also has a sister three years her senior, Artemis Alexandratou.

She has done photoshoots for Nitro, Miss Diva, Miss Lux, Esquire, Playboy, Hello! and Vogue.

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