Nikos Vertis disturbed by police checks during his performance in Thessaloniki - Watch video

Nikos Vertis

Nikos Vertis was disturbed by the presence of the police in the nightclub in Thessaloniki that he performed at.

The well-known singer premiered on August 5 at the nightclub he runs in Thessaloniki, near the airport. At the time when the fun was "igniting" and hundreds of people were praising him and enjoying themselves with his music, an... unexpected thing made the singer lose his temper for a few minutes.

As can be seen in the videos recorded by patrons of the nightclub, Nikos Vertis could not hide his irritation once he realised that the nightclub was being checked by the police. In fact, he asked the patrons to shout loudly and clap their hands so that the police could measure the decibels of the sound.

"I think it's time for the police to go search the neighbourhoods if they're robbing any houses and not be in here. Not to mention…”, the singer reported from the dance floor, with the crowd below bursting into applause. "Let them write us", he characteristically said addressing his partner and continued the song.

As seen in the same video posted on TikTok, the clearly irritated singer kicks the flower baskets on the dance floor hard while he is heard shouting "mercy".

At one point, apparently addressing his partner, he points his fingers at the number three, probably meaning that this was the third time that night that the nightclub had been searched.

In a video posted by another user on the platform, Nikos Vertis, he seems to be saying to the world: "I can't do it wrong, Do you all know that smoking is prohibited in here?"

"Nobody has an ashtray. You know it's forbidden to smoke. It's your choice but they write me the ticket that you smokes. If I'm speeding on the Attiki Odos at 250 km, the sign says 120 km. Are they writing the ticket to Attiki Odos or me for speeding at 250?"

"Does this make sense? It's unfair," said Nikos Vertis. "We have been closed for two years with covid, suffering, the world is empty. Let the people have fun, have a good time."

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