Albanian man removes Turkish flag from beach observation tower in Durres and throws it in the sea (VIDEO)

Turkish flag ALbanian man

A wave of support has arisen on social media for the man of Albanian origin who threw the Turkish flag into the sea.

In the last few hours in the neighbouring country, many users of social networks are describing the 48-year-old as a "patriot", writing at the same time that the Turkish flag has no place in Albania.

The Turkish flag was on a lifeguard tower on a beach in Durres. The holidaymaker grabbed it and threw her into the sea, with his action captured on video.

It is noted that there were also the flags of Albania and Kosovo.

More specifically, as explained by the Albanian website Shkarptarja, in the observation towers, the owners who pay for the rental of the public spaces themselves place the flags they wish.

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However, the Turkish flag next to the Albania and Kosovo flags seems to have bothered the 48-year-old, who went up and took it down.

He posted the video of his action on social media, in which he is seen climbing the observation tower on the beach of Lalzi Bay, removing the Turkish flag and throwing it into the sea.

As a result, it was easy for the police to identify him, track him down and handcuff him.

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