Boris Johnson gives generous €50 tip to waiter at Karystos

Boris Johnson

The outgoing Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson appeared generously with the staff of a beach restaurant in Karystos. Johnson and his family, who are continuing their Greek holiday, dined at a beach restaurant and left a €50 tip before they left.

The Johnsons, accompanied by their security, arrived at Bouros beach in Karystos and headed to the "Agalma Seaside Restaurant", while other family friends were also at their table.

In fact, Boris Johnson spoke to two Ukrainian waiters working in the restaurant and assured them that Great Britain would support them in their fight against the Russian invaders.

At the same time, he was photographed with them, raising his opposite hand in a sign of approval.

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Boris Johnson and his family live in a villa near the restaurant and have appeared at various beaches and restaurants in the area.

The owner of the restaurant spoke to the Daily Mail noting that: "I knew Boris and his family were staying in the area as it has been the talk of the village all week and on Thursday we got a call saying he was coming for dinner.

"To be honest I wasn't too sure what to expect but he came across as a very kind man and he was very nice. He spoke to all the staff and he even left a 50 Euro tip which they were all very happy with.

"He came into the kitchen where he spoke with two Ukrainian staff I have, Zak and Katya, and he told them it was important that Britain and the rest of Europe supported Ukraine in the fight against Russia.

"He and his party were here for about two and a half hours. They tried lots of typical Greek dishes, and enjoyed fresh calamari and fish caught by the local fishermen.

"Lots of people were in the restaurant and they all recognised him and he was happy to talk and pose for pictures with them. I couldn't believe how friendly he was. The staff were delighted with the tip."

The Johnsons' holiday in Greece is about to end soon and within the weekend they are expected to return to London after first enjoying their presence on Greek soil.

During their presence in southern Evia, they swam at Livadakia beach, Giannitsiou beach and Potami beach.

And while one would expect him to want to stay away from prying eyes, he was very friendly when approached by bathers, many of whom wanted to be photographed with him.

However, Boris Johnson appears to be enjoying his holiday "the Greek way" while locals were surprised by the Johnsons' choice of sunbathing spot, describing the Prime Minister's demeanor as "cool" as he read a book in the hot sun while his son swam nearby.

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