Demi Moore: Her Greek summer with the Steggou couple and where exactly they traveled

59-year-old Demi Moore shows off her amazing figure during Greek vacation 2022

Andrea Steggou has had a close relationship with the famous actress Demi Moore for over twelve years now.

The American actress, who returned to Greece again this summer to enjoy the hospitality of the businessman and his wife, was one of three godmothers at the christening of the couple's youngest daughter, who was named Ariadne-Zoe, last summer in Sitia, Crete.

Then she had travelled to Mykonos after the baptism with her daughter Ramer, while this year she avoided the bustling "Island of the Winds" and public appearances in general.

Moore prefers the privacy of the 43-metre yacht "My Toy", owned by Andrea Steggou, with which he made a long tour of the Greek islands, together with the couple.

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The cruise included various islands in the Cyclades and stops in enchanting bays, accessible only by sea, while the group rarely disembarked from the yacht.

The itinerary in the Cyclades, according to sources, included Koufonisia and Donoussa. However, Patmos was also seen so that the famous actress could get a taste of the Dodecanese islands.

The tour ended with a visit to the Ionion Sea, specifically Paxi. The last trace of the yacht shows that it was tied up in Erikousa, while it is unknown if Demi Moore left for the USA having collected beautiful moments from her Greek summer.

She shared a few of them on Instagram, where one shows the name of the boat behind her and another her dog, without revealing the location.

Demi Moore

59-year-old Demi Moore shows off her amazing figure during Greek vacation 2022

And if some wonder about the actress's close relationship with Andrea Steggou and his wife Athanasia, the answer is hidden in the Bahamas and in a small island complex.

The couple from Greece met there twelve years ago during their vacation with Demi Moore and her then-husband Ashton Kutcher.

And it was during this vacation that laid the foundation for a close friendship between the two couples, who met often in America, where Andrea travelled often.

The divorce of the two Hollywood stars did not affect their relationship with their Greek friends, who kept an equal distance from both, making it clear that both are welcome in Greece.

The beginning was made by Ashton Kutcher, who arrived in Athens on Christmas 2011, having just separated from Demi Moore, accompanied by a cousin and a friend. He went to the bouzoukia and celebrated the arrival of 2012 in the chalets of the Steggo family in Arachova, in the snow.

In September of the same year, it was Demi Moore's turn to be hosted by the Steggou couple in Athens and Mykonos, while she was seen in Glyfada shopping for cosmetics.

Since then we have not seen Ashton again in Greece, in contrast to Demi Moore who came again and again as a guest of the Steggou who asked her to baptise their third child.

This year they hosted her on their boat for more than two weeks.

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