Azerbaijani falsification of history in Germany blasted by Pan-Armenian Network State Movement


A note of protest to the authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany was submitted by the Network State Panarmenian Movement.

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The Network State Panarmenian Movement, uniting the World Armenians, strongly condemns the immoral falsification of history by Azerbaijan in the archeological museum of Frankfurt.

Azerbaijan, which has been building and developing a society and a state based on the ideology of anti-Armenianism and which has only 100 years of state history, full of episodes of genocidal, ethnic cleansing, and hatred, continues to distort history and culture in different parts of the world.

This time, under the green light of the German local and federal authorities, the Azerbaijanis in the main exhibition hall of the Frankfurt Archeological Museum distorted the map and culture of the Armenian Highlands and Advanced Asia as a whole, presenting Urartu as a part of Azerbaijani culture and history.

Azerbaijan, which has a history of only 100 years, actually dared to "buy" an additional 2700 years from the German museum with its petrodollars, presenting the anciently developed Armenian civilization of the Armenian Highlands as Azeri.

The Network State demands that the German federal and Frankfurt's local authorities severely and publicly punish the staff of the Frankfurt Archaeological Museum for their complicity in the Azeri plan to falsify history.

The German people with a rich culture and history, who, unlike Azerbaijan and the latter's big brother Turkey, have found the courage and faced the shameful pages of their history, are simply obliged to sacredly support the correct coverage of history at least on the territory of their state.

The Network State also sends the text of this statement to the German Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media as well as the Embassy of Germany to Armenia, the city authorities of Frankfurt, as well as several German and international media outlets.

Any such falsification of history and culture by Azerbaijan will receive a harsh response from the Network State.

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